AP Photo Week 13: Surreal Self Portraits

I chose to do self portraits for this week, and I want to put in a big effort and really make some photos that I am happy with this week as I have not been able to due to how busy I have been the past several weeks and the short turnaround. I have two ideas, the first being a partially drawn/painted portrait. The idea is that it would slowly build from a basic sketch to color then basic shading and polishing until finally merging into a photo. Here are a few examples that I want to combine elements from:

photo1 photo2 photo3

Second, I want to do a portrait similar to the one below, but each would be me "holding" one of the primary tools that I use for art, like a pencil, ink, and paper or something similar.


I will have photos by day 1 the week we come back from break.

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