AP Photo Week 3: Portraits Part 1

Our assignment for the next two weeks is portraits. We will be turning in three each week. I'm really excited about this assignement as I've been wanting to do some more advanced portraits for a long time now. My first idea for this week is probably the most complicated. I want to combine elements from each of the three photos below.


Mafia portrait pose

Mafia portrait pose 2

The first one was where I originally thought of the concept. I already have a model lined up for this shot and I'm figuring out a location where I want to shoot it. I want to shoot this on Sunday this week to have it to start editing day 1. The second idea is a double exposure photo and I want to have it so that it almost looks like a plant is growing out of a person or vice-versa as seen in the first example, or something with the stars like the second one. I don't have a model lined up for this yet.

Double exposure photo 1

Double exposure photo 2

Finally, I want to do a low key portrait of my friend in her armor. I have a few ideas for this, but the primary one is going for the feel of the first image below but with the angle more similar to the second one. I will be shooting with her on Saturday to have it ready for editing on day 1.

Lowkey portrait 1

Lowkey portrait 2

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