AP Photo Week 4: Portraits Part 2

Continuing from last week, I have a few more requirements I need to fill. The first is that I still need to do texture since I ended up not doing it last week. I also want to knock out the multiple people one in the same image by doing something very similar to this image that I also used as an example last week. I hope to shoot this in the studio next week after school on Tuesday or Wednesday and I already have people in mind but not confirmed.

Double exposure

Next, I am going to be shooting my friend in her Power Girl costume on Saturday. This will fill the figure-ground relationship outdoors requirement. Here's a few ideas I have for poses but I'm not sure what will end up working best.

Power girl 1 Power girl 2 Power girl 3

Finally, I want to take a dramatic sports portrait. I am going to be asking two potential candidates today and I hope to shoot them either in the studio at Channel 8 over the weekend or at school on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sports portrait

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