Concentration Jumpstart

  1. Fantasy portraits with surreal editing tied together with vivid colors, high dynamic range, and a complimentary/split complementary color palette.
  2. Visual Questions
  • How can you create a believable fantasy environment and atmosphere from real world locations?
  • How can you emphasize both a person as a subject as well as the environment they are in and the costume they are wearing?
  • How can you use composition and lighting to create movement in a frame?
  1. I have this blog post where I have kept a collection of images to use as reference and that exemplify the style that I am aiming for.

  2. Plan for images

    • Drifter - Chris Burton - Falling from building while shooting upwards, shot looking down. Composite of two images; shot in studio at channel 8 for one, in high rise downtown for other. - Red/red orange contrast with yellow green/blue green

    • Scarlet Witch

      • Marina Sharpe
      • Two possible ideas, in both cases doing a "power pose" with magic effects in hands/eyes
      • Incorporate red/red orange contrast with blue
      • I like concept 2 more overall
      • Warehouse district downtown

    • Pyramid Head

      • Nim Holmes
      • Desolate landscape
      • Possibly sunset or blue hour w/ clouds
      • Contrast with red/orange in front and blue behind or vice versa
      • Possibly get background actors to stand in as zombies

    • Zoey from L4D

      • Kayla Willis
      • Abandoned/industrial building
      • Orange/red and blue contrast
      • 1st st and Jackson pkng garage
      • Second model to stand in as "zombie"

    • Power Girl V2

      • Nim Holmes
      • Flying
      • Shoot in studio/outside studio near sunset
      • Shoot ground plate near sunset
      • Blue lighting source in front contrast with orange behind
      • Billow cape

  3. Equipment

  • Flash kit
  • Fans?
  • Fog machine?
  • Possibly studio

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